The Lord’s hand was with them, and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord. Acts 11:21

GO updates

Latest news about GO.

  • Commitment Weekend

    This weekend is when we all have an opportunity to respond to the challenge to GO.  We are calling it Commitment Weekend.  If you are a regular attender at Richwoods Christian Church, you should have received a letter from Pastor Jim and a commitment card in the mail over the past week.  We encourage you [...]

  • So what is a “One Fund” initiative?

    In several conversations, people have asked how the “One Fund” initiative is different from the Crazy Campaign?  Here is an explanation from the FAQ section of the GO booklet: It is different than a traditional giving campaign. We will not create a “building fund” or similar allocation to which we give separately. Instead, both our [...]

  • Resources and more

    During the GO Initiative, be sure to take advantage of all that is on the GORichwoods site… The Resources area will have the small group discussion guides plus the weekly devotional that you can either read online or download to read later.  If you are touched by one of the videos that is shown over [...]